Is it just me? Or does Boris Johnson increasingly look like he's doing a lot of work experience in case he loses his job?

Boris Jonson in a police bullet proof vest and black wooly hat with a police man

Police man

Boris Jonson in a silver car giving a thumbs up out the driver window. He is wearing a grey jacket and a medical face mask.

Uber driver

Boris Jonson sat in a military vehicle driver seat. He is wearing a suit. The vehicle is desert colour and has a machine gun on the tip. It is parked on grass.

Army man

Boris Jonson in a high vis vest, in what looks like a warehouse.


Boris Johnson in medical scrubs, gloves, and a face mask, holding a box of test tubes.

Chemical weapons specialist

Boris Johnson in a white coat in a room with blue medial boxes behind him on a shelf and white walls


Boris Johnson holding big crabs, one in each hand. A boat mast is behind him.


Boris Johnson in hard hat and high vis orange waterproof jacket

Train engineer

Boris Johnson in a classroom sat at a table wearing a blue apron net to a child wearing the same. He is rolling something in his hands, either dough or clay.

Home economics teacher

He should try being professional politician next.