Louie Christie

Adventurous, tech geek, underground comedian in my own head. 😬

"He'd rather hire a great software coder who also did stand-up comedy."- Andy Miller on Steve Jobs

Hi, I'm Louie Christie. I've had a varied career including:

  • user-friendly tech consultant for Kings College on a beautiful mental health app to slow down paranoid thinking [1],
    which is literally the opposite to what most apps do
  • developing apps & websites almost as fast as tech startups can go bust
  • podcast host mostly as an excuse to have a laugh with my mates
  • panellist on a YouTube quiz show about video games
  • hosting tech events but I can't do a forced fun face
  • coaching coding to French students while half expecting the guillotine
  • IT support mostly telling people to 'switch it off-and-on again'
  • programming mainframe computers older and more decrepid than myself
  • waiting tables, snowboarding, and dodging bears in Canada
  • leading youth camps on Kangaroo Island
  • pig farming in the desert

I have a masters degree in human-centred computer systems.

No, I'm not sure what that means either.

Think it's something to do with making computers user-friendly.

And goodness knows, we could all do with a bit of that.

When I'm not coding...

I can be found in London performing questionable quality stand-up comedy.

In small dark basements in rooms above pubs*.

(*and virtual reality)

[1] more evidence based than Theranos