Louie Christie

Louie Christie is an adventurous web developer, coding coach, underground comedian in his head.

Louie Christie surfing photo 2005


Louie Christie at React Native conference photo 2018

Web Developer / Coding Coach

Available to hire

Louie performing stand-up comedy at Hoopla Comedy club photo 2015

Underground Comedian


Louie Christie has masters degree in human-centred computer systems.

No, he's not sure what that means either.

Think it's something to do with making computers user-friendly.

And goodness knows, we could all do with a bit of that.

Heβ€˜s had a varied career including:

  • working in IT support telling people to switch it off and on again
  • programming mainframe computers older than himself
  • making websites and apps for dot com tech startups as fast as they can go bust
  • waiting tables and snowboarding in Canada
  • leading youth camps on Kangaroo Island
  • pig farming in the desert
  • When he’s not coding he can be found in London performing questionable quality stand-up comedy in small basements below and above pubs.