A surfer on a wave. He's crouching, touching the wave with his hand as the wave breaks. The wave is chest high, blue-green color. There are brown-green hills in the background on the land.

Photo courtesy Louie's friend 'Flat Rocks'

The Actually Impressive Thing About This Photo is...

Louie Christie lived 4 hours drive from the surf, had a wetsuit with holes in it, didn't own a car, or a surfboard.

The surf around England doesn't get that good very often, and the sea is fucking cold.

It's not Hawaii.

Louie achieved surfing this wave by being resourceful, tenacious, and not having a girlfriend at the time.

Bungee Jumping


Louie bungee jumping upside-down
Photo @ AJ Hackett, Cairns, Australia

The day before this, I went whitewater rafting.

The day after I did a skydive.

But bungee jumping was far the scariest because a skydive is high up in the clouds, and kind of surreal.

But a bungee jump felt very real as I climbed the tower, floor by floor, thinking 'I'm going to jump off this bloody thing.'

As I jumped, the world paused for a moment in mid air...

Before the ground rushed towards me, my heart pumped, a primal scream came from nowhere, and my life flashed before my eyes.


It felt amazing after I'd survived the first bounce.

And boinged around merrily until they lowered me into a boat below.

I was so pumped with adrenaline, that evening I got drunk on half a beer.

Think I've been merrily boinging around in my head ever since.

- Louie Christie

First aid at work


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I saved her life. Now we’re dating. Xxx

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Photo courtesy of Recussi Annie