Choosing a software project

After buying my first flat, (a London flat is like a US apartment, but smaller, and more expensive) and frantically developing websites and apps for a failing (now failed) technology start-up company, I was made redundant. I suddenly had some free time to work on my own software project, buy some furniture, blog, and stop […]

Rantweb development

If you were to start React all over again what would you do? [NSFW]

If you were to start react all over again what would you do? This was a text sent to me by Alvin (not his real name) a software tester, wannabie junior software developer, who has studied the basics of coding including HTML, CSS and Javascript. If you don’t know what that sentence means, probably stop […]


Computers For Good

Introducing the Raspberry Pi, a computer the size of a deck of cards, cheap enough at £40 to give away to children and designed to help with teaching programming. I grew up playing around on a ZX Spectrum computer at home and a BBC Micro at school.  I remember programming the computers using the BASIC […]

Short Film

No Script Required

I just discovered that this short film I worked on has won the first round of a competition.  Instead of the usual working behind the scenes I was in front of the camera on this one. The story follows two brothers, and I was acting alongside my real-life brother Alec. We had a story […]


Possibly The Worlds Most User Friendly DVD Menu

Working on a health education DVD project, armed with DVD Studio Pro, I set out to create possibly the worlds most user friendly DVD menu. DVD menus are often built to be flashy and innovative. Unfortunately this is usually at the expense of usability. DVD menus are inherently unresponsive because each menu must be loaded […]


Multi Dance: A foot controlled video game to teach kids multiplication

I have a masters degree (MSc) in making computers user friendly. This is a video I made demonstrating my masters degree project (3 mins). The project was a video game called Multi Dance that teaches children multiplication tables. It was designed to be foot controlled using a dance mat. The idea was to use technology […]