Behind the scenes

Making of Behind the Scenes Video

I filmed, edited, and directed the behind the scenes documentary for the Christie (2008) internet comedy video series (7mins).

In 2008 my brother entered an online film making competition and I helped out. We did’t win, but we had a bloody good laugh making comedy videos. And one of our videos did win an award at a Canadian film festival.

A few days into shooting the Christie (2008) Series we got a phone call from the producers at saying they wanted a behind the scenes video. I was working as a production assistant at the time and a Sony Z1 HD camera was thrust into my hands. I shot whenever I could between other duties on set.

If the series ever gets a cult following, I may release more clips.

I snatched the main interview at the end of a very busy film shoot. Director Azi Rahman and Actor/Producer/Brother Alec Christie actually had a deadline that day, and Alec can be seen uploading an episode in the background.

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