Possibly The Worlds Most User Friendly DVD Menu

Working on a health education DVD project, armed with DVD Studio Pro, I set out to create possibly the worlds most user friendly DVD menu. DVD menus are often built to be flashy and innovative. Unfortunately this is usually at the expense of usability. DVD menus are inherently unresponsive because each menu must be loaded […]

usabilityWeb design 2008 site

I web designed the website using Dreamweaver, Photoshop, HTML and CSS. (Update: this website from 2008 no longer exists.) In the process I make it more user friendly and google friendly. As a result it shot up the Google rankings and received a boost in visitors. The original site was in a strong red […]


Multi Dance: A foot controlled video game to teach kids multiplication

I have a masters degree (MSc) in making computers user friendly. This is a video I made demonstrating my masters degree project (3 mins). The project was a video game called Multi Dance that teaches children multiplication tables. It was designed to be foot controlled using a dance mat. The idea was to use technology […]