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Introducing the Raspberry Pi, a computer the size of a deck of cards, cheap enough at £40 to give away to children and designed to help with teaching programming.

I grew up playing around on a ZX Spectrum computer at home and a BBC Micro at school.  I remember programming the computers using the BASIC programming language and at aged ten writing a BASIC program as part of a school history project.

These days PCs hide programming away and kids are less inclined to delve under the hood.  I hope a new generation will grow up programming on the Raspberry Pi, like I did on the BBC Micro.

I’ve been playing around with a Raspberry Pi and as a project I set it up as a Linux web server with a WordPress blog on it.

Which you are reading on now.

Update 2021: I just updated it to do some clever stuff with a new technology called Gatsby that makes it kind of fast*.

(* nothing to do with the Leonardo DiCaprio film.)

If you want your WordPress blog to have a 90% page speed rating from Google too then do contact me.

They use speed as a reason to boost your website to the top of the rankings now – I know a bit about Search Engine Optimization.

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Note: I did upgrade the SD Card[1] while I was at it, and this did cost £8. But it has a 10 year warranty so that’s brings it down to 80p a year. Not bad on top of a £40 investment in 2014 (actually I didn’t buy it, my Mum gave it to me for Christmas, give one to the whizz kid in your life and do them a favour – caveat get them to read this first: a cautionary tale.)

[1] Note to future selves – Go for a 32GB Card for Raspberry Pi 2 [advert] like this one [/end of advert], bigger than that gets complicated, and this is 4x the 2014 card it came with anyway so pretty generous.

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